C. M. Chandrashekar


I am a theoretical physicist working mainly in the area of Quantum Information Sciences.  See my page on Research and Publications from more information on the kind of work I do. Currently I am a faculty member at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India.

I completed my B.Sc from National College (Jayanagar) Bangalore, India. In 2002, I moved to University of Oxford, UK on Rhodes Scholarship. At Oxford, I worked on experimental Bose-Einstein condensates in Ultra-cold quantum matter group (Prof. C. J. Foot’s group), Clarendon Laboratory, Atomic and Laser Physics department. While at Oxford, my interest towards theoretical aspects of quantum information theory and quantum computing lead me to Waterloo, Canada which houses Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) and Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI). At IQC and jointly being with PI, I worked under the guidelines of Prof. R. Laflamme and completed my  Ph.D in 2009.

Previous Affiliations

Quantum Systems Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Okinawa, Japan
University College Cork, Ireland
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada
Institute for Quantum Computing, Canada
Department of Physics, University of Oxford, UK
New College, University of Oxford, UK
National College – Jayanagar, Bangalore, India

Notable Scholarships / Fellowships

  1. Ramanujan Fellowship – 2015 – …., The Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
  2. Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Fellowship – 2007-2009; Institute for Quantum Computing, Waterloo, Canada
  3. Rhodes Scholarship – 2002-2005 ;  University of Oxford, UK