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Progress in science often comes from combining different ideas and approaches in seemingly unrelated fields. One of the most successful examples of this is the recent area of quantum information, where the combination of information theory and quantum mechanics has lead to new and deep fundamental insights as well as to ideas for radically new applications in computing and communication technologies. In addition,  its role for better understudying of  physical processes in biological systems, likewise in black hole is heading in a promising direction. My current research Interests are mainly in the theoretical aspects of quantum information theory. However, during initial stage of my academic career at Oxford I was involved in experimental work and later on I have also worked with experimental groups as a theory support.

Research Interests

  • Quantum Information Theory : Quantum algorithms – quantum walks, entanglement in quantum many body systems, quantum percolation in complex networks and information flow, channel capacity,  quantum state transfer, quantum memories, adiabatic quantum computing (stimulated annealing of quantum system), and quantum open systems.
  •   Quantum cellular automata and quantum computation using Rydberg atoms
  • Experimentally oriented studies for physical realization of quantum information processing protocols using cold atoms, photons, nuclear magnetic resonance, and other condensed matter systems.
  •  Simulating relativistic quantum mechanical effects using quantum bits in laboratory physical setup.
  •  Quantum communications : Quantum key distribution using single-photon sources and optical waveguides.
  •  Energy transfer in biological and chemical complexes using quantum coherence.
  • Ultracold atoms – Bose-Einstein condensate, quantum phase transitions.



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